Dear DPI customer,

Your privacy and the protection of personal data is vitally important to our business. We would thus like to inform you about this clearly and transparently. Data Protection International processes and uses your personal information in a secure manner.

If you have purchased your licence from Data Protection International or have been registered as an iolo user (including System Mechanic) or for Lamantine (Sticky Password) products, we will retain the following from you:

* Your surname
* Your e-mail address
* The month when the licence you hold will expire
* Your activation code (if we know it)

All details are saved in a secure environment with prohibited access for third-parties.

We save these two personal details (surname and e-mail address) to provide you with the best possible service. We use this data for the following purposes:

* To send Christmas and New Year wishes.
* To notify you if an upgrade or update is being issued for your current product, or if we are introducing a new service.
* To send a possible reminder e-mail to renew the licence.
* To send your code to you should you no longer know it.

We will never sell our customer details or make them available to third parties.

You can send us a request to delete all your data (‘the right to be forgotten’). We will then remove all your data from all databases to the best of our knowledge.
This applies to our CRM as well as our sales system and technical support database. You can send a request to

In the case of data portability, we can transfer your data to other organisations if desired. However, the nature of our services means this serves little purpose.
We do not collect any search history or location data from you. We do use Google Analytics to measure the number of visitors to our website and from which country.

Of course you may always submit a request to us to discover what data of yours we hold. You can send a request to

Decisions that affect you are not taken by us automatically, but are based on the human view. We will always inform you about this and ask for your opinion. If you do not agree with our view, you may send an e-mail to

DPI stores the data for 12 months. The reason for this is that customers do not always remove their iolo product from their systems, and may still have questions about it afterwards.
It is also possible that customers forget to renew their licences. We would like to remind our users of this.


Direct Debit ( SEPA direct debit)

If you have given us an automatic authorisation to charge your licence fee monthly, you have of course given us more information than usual.

All information we have received from you is stored in a secure environment.

If you cancel your automatic licence with us, all your data will be destroyed entirely and deleted from the systems. We comply with the requirements set by the European banks to be able to collect SEPA direct debit orders.


Technical Support

If you submit an e-mailed support request to us, we will use the information you have provided to resolve your problem.

It is possible that we may need to provide iolo Technologies US with your information. This is because if we find we are unable to assist you, we will forward your request to the support department of iolo Technologies in the US. After the problem has been resolved, the request will be deleted from our technical database and from the technical database of iolo Technologies US.

If you do not want to use our services or you no longer wish to be kept informed, you may then send an e-mail to, after which we will destroy all your data at Data Protection International.

You may also click on the Unsubscribe button in the e-mail sent to you, to block any further mailings to you.

Should you have any questions about this or if you want to know what information is known about you on our database, please send an e-mail to

Kind regards,

Ruud Groeneboer

Director – DPI

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