Sticky Password is the solution for all your passwords!

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Sticky Password

Sticky Password is the password solution for anyone interested in security, strong passwords and ease of use. Sticky Password remembers your passwords, so that you can deal with the really important things in life. You only have to remember one password and Sticky Password does the rest.

Sticky Password is made by the experienced security team that has made AVG Antivirus one of the most effective and popular antivirus solutions of today.

When it comes to password management products, concerns about secure data and personal information storage are often cited not to use such security products.

Sticky Password uses the latest in security and encryption technology to provide users with secure cloud (Amazon server) and local (in-device only) options to store their password and other sensitive personal information.

Once you have installed Sticky Password, you can start calling up your websites and services. Sticky Password will then ask you to save your login details, generate new passwords, save profiles for online shopping, and more. Sticky Password does the work for you, so that logging in and paying is no longer a hassle.

Sticky Password is suitable for all platforms. (including Windows, Apple, Android)

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